Monday, December 13, 2010

Late Dr Wazir Agha’s Career and work (part 2)

His articles titled ‘Nazam-e-Jadeed Ki Karwatein (1963), Tanqeed Aur Ehtesaab (1968), ‘Naye Maqaalaat’ (1972), ‘Naye Tanaazur’ (1979), ‘Ma’ani Aur Tanaazur (1998), ‘Tanqeed Aur Majlisi Tanqeed’ (1975), ‘Daairey Aur Lakirein’ (1986), ‘Tanqeed Aur Jadeed Urdu Tanqeed’ (1989), ‘Inshaiye Kei Khad-o-Khaal’ (1990), ‘Saakhtiat Aur Science’ (1991), ‘Dastak Us Darwaazey Par’ (1994) and ‘Imtizaji Tanqeed Ka Scienci Aur Fikri Tanaazur’ (2006) fall in the same category.

In 2007, it was observed in his book ‘Imtizaaji Tanqeed’ that Dr Wazir Agha promoted the perception of the artist’s existence in his creation. Later on, he went a step forward and confronted the speculation of opposing artist’s existence in the literary text. He thought that without expressing one’s person in the creative development, a piece of writing cannot be created. With the decline of post-modernism, Western critics seem to have accepted this point of view as well. According to Colin Davis’ book ‘After Post-structuralism’ it was Julia Kristeva who was the propagator of the extinction of artist from the centre and who acknowledged the maker as anti-essentialist or anti-universalistic. Over time, she has amended her point of view and now says that instead of centrality.

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